United For Simmo

Steven Simmons, aka Simmo, is a young man from Roscrea town in County Tipperary, Ireland. Steven is well known and liked throughout the town and is known for his participation in local clubs and events, including Street League Soccer, The Rugby Club, providing security at events and general participation within his community.

Following a car accident in August 2019, Steven has suffered life changing injuries. As a consequence, Steven will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. In order for Steven to maintain as normal a life as possible, he and his family will require a huge amount of funding to facilitate everything from aids and appliances, daily living and care for Steven. This page is dedicated to raising funds for Steven, generating awareness for events that will be held to raise money for Steven’s care, giving updates on Steven’s progress and maintaining momentum for this process as Steven’s ongoing needs become clearer.

As more information becomes available about fundraisers and events taking place, we will keep everyone informed of details about the events, where to buy tickets, dates and times etc.

Please take a moment to like and share this page, in order to generate awareness about Steven’s circumstances.

Together, we can help to provide Steven and his family with the support they will need going forward.
Together we can be United For Simmo.

This post is to provide some information about the group, who we are and what our goals are.

Following Steven’s accident and the realisation of the injuries he suffered, Shane Lee organised a public meeting to set up a committee to organise fundraising to assist with Steven’s care, with consent from Steven’s family. The meeting was held in The Auburn Lounge on Wednesday 7th August 2019 and there was a great turnout. Many ideas were put forward and discussed and plans have been made to run events that will hopefully generate large amounts of funding to assist in providing the necessary support Steven will need. From the meeting, a committee has been formed to organise and promote events, run the pages and manage the funds as they are generated.

The Committee is made up of the following people;
Chairperson: Shane Lee.
Secretary: Eoghan O’Shea.
Treasurers: Paddy Murphy & Lua Ryan Jnr.
Public Relations Officers: Nicola Egan & Tadgh Kirby.

The Working Committee is made up a large number of people who are dedicated to promoting events and supporting in any way that they can. Thanks to all who attended the meeting and sent apologies. From the meeting, we have agreed on two events, both of which will be outlined as soon as they are confirmed. All updates about these events will come directly from this page, United For Simmo. All monies donated will be held in an account specifically set up for this purpose and will be managed by the treasurers.
A receipt for any monies will be provided by the committee to the person or persons donating.

Along with this group, other people in the community, having heard of Steven’s accident and injuries, have also organised a range of events such as Biking events, sponsored walks, bottle collections etc. We will help to promote these events also as best we can and are happy to add any funds generated to the official account for Steven (receipts will be provided as stated), as every penny counts. Any people who have already organised collections or events can contact us here through the page, or via the email account unitedforsimmo@gmail.com.

We wish to thank everyone for their support in this process and look forward to the events which will no doubt be a huge success with everyone’s support.