The Methodist Church

Methodism was first brought to Roscrea by a man called Thomas Walsh between 1750 and 1760. A fluent Irish speaker from Co. Limerick, Walsh is reputed to have worked so hard that he died at the age of 29. The Church however prospered after his death and in 1794 a new chapel was built that could house approximately four hundred people. This was taken over by the Evangelical Society in the 19th century. Also in the early 19th century the Methodist Church split into two branches: Wesleyans and Primitive Methodists.

n 1831 one hundred people were Wesleyans while one hundred and fifty were of the Primitive Methodist branch. Their meeting house was on Church Street until in 1879 when the two branches reunited and the Church Street meeting house was sold in 1901. The present church on the Mall was built in 1902 after the old one was knocked down. The church holds two hundred people with the adjoining hall holding a further one hundred and fifty people. The Manse (minister’s house) is to the right of the church and was built in 1895 beside the old Wesleyan building.