St Cronans Roman Catholic Church

Corner Facing image of saint Cronans Church

This church is one of the most picturesque sites in town set as it is beside the Moneen and the Franciscan friary with the wooded hillside to its rear. The church first began construction in 1844, right before the Famine. It proved impossible to complete in those years despite the hard work of the P.P. Dr. Blake and the local community. It wasn’t until 1855, after various fundraisers at home and in America, that the church was opened for worship but without a roof and it remained like this for many years.

In the 1870’s the towers flanking the west end of the church were added and the bell was placed in the Franciscan Friary.

In 1913 lightning seriously damaged the apse (Semi-circular section in the front of the church) and restoration and redecoration were carried out on the entire church. In the 1920’s the Stations of the Cross were added along with the statue of St. Cronan that now stands over the main door. The decoration inside the church is of a very high quality with the altar pinnacle and screen being hand-carved. Bentley, the architect of Westminster Cathedral remarked that it was the most beautiful piece of church architecture he had seen in Ireland.