St. Cronans Church of Ireland

The church we see today was built in 1812 on top of a previous church. We know very little about the old church except that the west gable was beautifully crafted. This wall was incorporated into the new church in 1812. The church was built on a simple design with the tower at the west end. The south wall consists of poorer stone than the rest of the church and tradition says that these stones are from the original church that was on the site prior to 1812. At various times parts of the church were renovated and improved, the most significant of which was during the 1960’s when the graveyard was cleaned and deforested, the roof re-slated and the interior was re-decorated also. Many of the stained glass windows and iron gates were added at this time also.

One of the treasures of St. Cronan’s is a remarkable silver chalice that goes back to the 17th century. It is of pre-Reformation style is in stark contrast to all the other simple chalices that were to be found in the area. It is decorated with raised angelic figures. It is thought that the chalice was used at a wedding as the letters, S.C. M.P. were inscribed on the base. These letters are thought to be the initials of two people.